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We have a very special offer for you. Try 4 classes for $49 over 2 weeks. Unlock this offer at your closest studio:

Here’s how: 

1. Download the Muse Pilates App APPLE | ANDROID

2. Select your studio location.

3. Select ‘Create Account’.

4. Click ‘Buy’ and ‘Class Packs’

5. Click ‘Intro Offer’

6. Insert card details and press ‘Buy’.


*Offer valid for 14 days from date of purchase.

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For easy scheduling and account management, you can download our iPhone and Android scheduling app.
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We are here to tell you 5 reasons you should take a mini-break for your body and mind.
Our studios are stunning, have you seen them? Welcome to your sanctuary from daily life. Our beautiful studio spaces and amazing instructors give a warm and welcoming vibe to all.
It’s THE best workout. Reformer Pilates is a strength-based workout that is low resistance and can be enjoyed by a lot of people. It’s a great way to strengthen your body while improving your flexibility and balance at the same time.

Pilates is for everybody. It meets you exactly where you are. Anyone who wants to increase their strength and mobility will enjoy Pilates. You may be a former gym junkie, or someone who’s never worked out before. Our classes accommodate everyone.

It’s like riding a bike. Okay, Not really… but it’s the same principle! You will pick it up very easily, and we promise you will never forget it. Unlike floor or mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates uses a Reformer machine. While both have great benefits, Reformer Pilates is simpler because you have points of reference to the machine. The reformer adds an element of strength training, as you can add resistance with different springs.

The Muse community isn’t just about Pilates, we also have bi-annual wellness retreats (in the Hunter Valley and Byron Bay) as well as regular workshops and meetups.

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