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Muse Pilates Studios Sydney

Boutique Reformer Pilates in Sydney. Be your own muse.

Our Sydney Pilates Studios

Take a mini-break from the everyday with Muse. Our boutique Sydney studios feel more like a spa than a gym – and that’s how it should be! We believe moving your body should be joyous, fun and life-affirming, not a chore. We’ve created Muse Pilates as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the day, a place where you can set aside your to-do list and take some time to focus on you. 

We’ve stocked our studios with the latest Reformer Pilates machines, and our highly trained, super-friendly instructors will show you how to use the equipment, tailor your workout and get the most out of our low-impact, high-energy group classes. 

Trust us, you don’t have to be ultra-coordinated, super-fit or flexible to do Pilates. We offer Pilates classes for real people – no pressure, no ultra-difficult moves, no intimidation. We’re for joy, health and movement (and the occasional pinot!). 

With four convenient studios in Sydney, there’s a Muse Pilates location near you – we’d love to see you soon. Join us for a class! 

Sans Souci
Sans Souci
A serene and dreamy space with a calming ambiance. Soft pinks and whites create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere that inspires relaxation and focus.
Bexley North
Bexley North
A sleek and modern space that’s designed to inspire and energize you. With an ambiance and dynamic energy that you can immerse yourself in.
Be transported to a space of tranquillity and inspiration. The recently studio is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light.
Dulwich Hill
Dulwich Hill
Experience a haven of tranquillity and energy, providing the perfect balance to the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood. An intimate space where you can recharge and unwind.

Sydney Pilates Classes

Our Pilates classes are so much more than just a workout. They’re a boutique studio experience, an opportunity for you to reconnect with your inner muse through joyful movement. Whether you’re looking for a full-body workout, a chilled-out stretching class or a heart-pumping cardio session, we’ve got the class for you. 

Experience all the benefits of Reformer Pilates with our world-class instructors. They’ll help you modify the workout to suit your experience level and ensure you feel comfortable at every step of your health journey. Believe it or not, Reformer Pilates is not just for elite athletes – in fact, it’s easier to master than traditional Pilates, with the machine ensuring correct form and allowing you to tailor your workout and ensure a safe, low-impact experience. 

Our Pilates sessions are run in handy 50-minute slots, perfect for fitting into your busy schedule. Trust us, if you can juggle your to-do list, you can do Reformer Pilates with us!

With a range of group classes, private and semi-private Pilates sessions available, there’s something for everybody at Muse. 

Browse our Sydney timetables to view our upcoming boutique studio Pilates classes. We look forward to welcoming you to a Pilates session soon! 

Muse Image 49
Muse Element 4
Fire Up (HIIT)

Calling all spice lovers! You like wasabi on your sushi and chilli salt on the rim of your Marg, but most importantly a little spice in your Pilates class.

Level Up (Advanced)

Grab your power ring and consider yourself warmed. Whoops, we mean warned.


Are you new to Muse (or Reformer) and you’re not sure where to begin? Or perhaps you’re returning from injury? This is the program for you.

Booty burner

It’s all about the booty! Give your buns the love they deserve with our targeted booty-building class, perfect for toning, defining and sculpting for all fitness levels.

Essentials (all levels)

Perfect for beginners of all fitness and abilities, our all-levels Reformer Pilates class will help you nail your technique, build strength and (most importantly) get to know our team and fellow Muse members!

Stretch & release

Unlock your body and improve flexibility with our stretch and release class. Expand your range of motion and relieve muscle tension from the comfort of our reformer beds.


The main difference between mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates is that Reformer Pilates involves a machine, whereas mat Pilates involves working with your own body weight. Think of it as the difference between lifting dumbbells or using a weights machine in the gym. The Reformer machine makes it easier to maintain correct form and provides added stability, with the added benefit of raising or lowering the resistance level to suit your needs.

A Reformer machine is easier to use than a typical weights machine at a gym (don’t worry, your instructor will show you how!) and makes performing Pilates exercises easier, safer and more comfortable.

Absolutely! Our Reformer Pilates classes provide a mood-boosting, fun, full-body workout. Our machines provide a safe, low-impact workout for all muscle groups, combining strength training and cardio. During our Reformer classes, you’ll complete a whole-body workout which can be adapted to suit your experience levels and fitness goals, as well as catering to any injuries or limitations you might have.

Most importantly, our workouts focus on physical and spiritual health for a holistic wellness experience. If you want to get a great full-body workout, we recommend trying one of our low-impact, high-intensity workouts, such as our Jumpboard class.

Reformer Pilates is suitable for people of all ages, abilities and experience levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or an experienced Pilates practitioner. Our workouts can be tailored to your unique needs to ensure you get the most out of your sessions with us, and our world-class instructors will make sure you feel confident and comfortable using our equipment.

Whether you want to challenge yourself with a fun, energetic workout or simply want to reconnect with your body in a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere, Reformer Pilates is right for you.