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Introducing the

June Winter Challenge

SAY GOODBYE TO THE WINTER BLUES... And hello to your newest motivation!

June Winter challenge

It’s time to reignite your Pilates motivation during the chilly winter months with our June Winter challenge! Stay energised all season long as you push yourself with challenge tasks and join a community of like-minded and passionate members.

Why is this the perfect challenge for you?

Sign up today and join us on this journey to boost your motivation this Winter! If you complete 16 classes in the space of the month you’ll receive one token into the drawer for the grand prize. Tick off any of the additional challenge tasks for extra chances to win:

1st place: Unlimited classes – 6 month pass 

2nd place: Unlimited classes – 4 month pass 

3rd place: Unlimited classes – 2 month pass 

*Winners announced per location

Adding Extra Classes: If you are currently on a 2 or 3 class per week membership, please fill out the ‘Get Extra classes’ form and our Customer Success Team will be in touch. If you are on a 4+ class per week membership, you can complete the challenge at no extra cost.

Register here

So, why enter the June winter Challenge?
  1. Reignite Your Motivation: Rediscover the joy of movement as you reignite your Pilates motivation with fun and challenging tasks. Push yourself to achieve a new mid-year goal!

  2. Renew Your Body and Mind: Our carefully crafted Pilates Challenge goes beyond physical exercise; it’s a holistic approach to renewal. By focusing on breath, balance, and precision, you’ll not only strengthen your body but also renew your mental clarity, leaving you feeling revitalised and ready to take on the rest of 2024.

  3. Reform Your Strength and Flexibility: The reformer adds an extra dimension to your Pilates practice, helping you reform your strength and flexibility. Target specific muscle groups, improve posture, and enhance overall body awareness. 

  4. Challenge for Lasting Results: This challenge is not just about the short-term gains; it’s about creating lasting habits for a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. By committing to the challenge, you’re setting the stage for ongoing wellness, building a foundation of strength and flexibility that will serve you well beyond the program’s duration.

  5. Expert Guidance and Support: Our certified instructors are dedicated to guiding you through every movement, ensuring proper form and technique. You’ll receive personalised attention, making the challenge suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners.


Terms & Conditions

Announcement of Winner: The winner will be announced via social media on Monday 8th of July 2024. The winners will also be emailed by our Client Success team who will share the details on how the prizes will be claimed. 

Non-Transferrable Prize: Each studio will have 3 winners:

• 1st: 6 months of unlimited reformer classes

• 2nd: 4 months of unlimited reformer classes

• 3rd: 2 months of unlimited reformer classes

Challenge Completion Criteria: To enter the major prize draw, you must complete at least 16 classes during June 2024. For additional entries into the drawer, complete any of the challenge tasks listed on your challenge card. You will then need to swap your challenge card in for the matching amount of tokens completed with your details and pop them in the challenge box by COB Tuesday 2nd of July 2024.