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Good news!

The Marketing team is hiring...

Digital Marketing and Social Media Assistant

Are you ready to kickstart your dream career in Digital Marketing & Social Media?

Listen up, because Muse Pilates isn’t just any fitness company – we’re a rapidly growing wellness company that experiments with new ways to stand out from the crowd, and we’re missing one key player: a motivated and ultra-creative Digital Marketing & Social Media Assistant. 

So, if your social media game is on point , your creativity knows no bounds, you are itching to roll your sleeves up and apply your knowledge & ideas to an awesome brand … then gear up—because we’re setting the stage for something spectacular.


What You’ll Master Under Our Guidance:

  • Social Media: Throw punchy posts and knockout content onto Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and whatever new platform is trending. You’re the ringmaster in our digital circus, keeping the crowd thrilled with your savvy scheduling and content charisma.
  • Videography: Whip up videos that aren’t just seen—they’re remembered. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes peek or a polished promo, you bring the sizzle.
  • Blogging: You’ll be firing off two blogs a week with best SEO practice like a well-oiled machine. 
  • Graphic Design: Your designs make a lasting impression and embody our brand’s bold spirit with unmatched style and precision. Canva is your weapon of choice, and you wield it with precision and flair.
  • Campaign Assistance: From email to SMS, you take our campaigns from “meh” to “marvellous.” You’re drafting, you’re designing and you’re driving home our message with the accuracy of a sniper.
  • Affiliate Assistance: You’ve got the charm and the strategy to bring on board affiliates who are so on-brand, it’s like they were made for us. 
  • Photoshoot Assistant: You’re not just at the photoshoots; you’re making them happen. From brainstorming brilliant ideas to coordinating chaos on the day, you make sure every shot is picture perfect.


The Skills That Make You Stand Out:

  • Fresh Thinker: Degree in hand? Great, Communications or Business with a marketing focus is ideal. Brimming with innovative ideas and ready to turn the marketing world upside down? Even better.
  • Social Media Slayer: You know social media like the back of your phone. Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest? Please, you’re ready to take on whatever’s next and you’re always on top of the latest trends! 
  • Creative Chameleon: From digital design to dazzling prints, your work isn’t just good; it’s “drop everything and gaze in awe” good.
  • Detail Sniper: Are you proudly pedantic? Perfect. You can spot a misspelt word at fifty paces. Nothing gets past your meticulous gaze.
  • Quick Learner, Quicker Doer: You pick up skills like they’re going out of style, and you’re always ready for the next challenge.


Why You’ll Love Working With Us:

  • Exposure: You’ll touch everything from social media blasts to print campaigns and beyond. Boredom? Not on our watch.
  • Impact: You’re not just part of the team; you’re contributing to the shape and pulse of our brand. Every post, every page, every pixel. 
  • Learning: Hop aboard the continuous improvement express! You’ll learn on the job and come along to top-tier workshops, killer conferences, and industry events that not only skyrocket your skills but also plug you into networks that matter. Our support coupled with your motivation will mean you’re ahead of the curve.
  • Appreciation: We don’t just appreciate your hard work; we celebrate it, we reward it, and we scream it from the rooftops.


How To Apply

If you’re pumped to bring your A-game to a team that’s as wild about wellness as we are about innovative marketing, please apply ASAP by answering the questions below and attaching a cover letter and CV and emailing it to

  1. Briefly describe your experience and why this role is the perfect next step for you? What in particular stood out about this job advert, and why?
  2. What salary are you looking for to get you oh-so excited about THIS next step in your career? 
  3. Anything else you’d like us to know? 
  4. We would love to see some of your content creation skills. Bonus points if you can make a video about you and why you would like to join our team. Check out our TikTok for inspiration. 


We will respond to every application and we appreciate the time you have taken to apply.